Our Brother

A speech made by Andy's brother Rod Jr. at the April 27th Plaque Ceremony.

Our Brother
University of Ottawa
April 27, l999

Andy was all that I or Mike could ever have hoped for in a brother. He always made sure family and friends came first, making sure our needs were met, well in advance of his own. He had so much patience, more than I could ever imagine having myself. I remember the previous summer when he was teaching me to play golf, how he spent so much time to help me get it just right. When someone lost their temper it was always Andy who was there to calm both sides.

We must remember the good times we have had with him and his many accomplishments. Andy was very close to completing his goal of a university degree. In the process he had become an accomplished engineer, working as a co-op student both full and part time at Nortel. He had become my peer in computers and engineering - to the point where I was consulting with him on technical matters.

Andy hacking with a computer
Andy hacking with a computer

I think Andy had a great balance of both sports interests - hockey, baseball, football, tennis and especially golf - how he enjoyed golf - and a love of computers and engineering. This balance helped make him a wonderfully well rounded person who had something in common with everyone. Combined with his outgoing personality, it is not surprising why so many people were Andy's friend.

I would like to thank everyone for attending today's ceremony. Today means so much to my family, it marks not only the unveiling of a plaque yet also the official announcement of the 'Andrew Moffitt Memorial Scholarship'.

As of April 19th the fund was at $129,459.52 - this is thanks to all of the generous individuals and organizations across this great country who have donated and organized fundraisers. Of course we would only be at roughly half that if it were not for the Ontario Government's wonderful 'Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund'.

Andy enjoying a summer day
Andy enjoying a summer day

There are two goals that we hope the scholarship will help accomplish. One is that Andy's memory will carry on for many years to come. In fact thanks to the size of the fund, the interest alone should be enough for several thousand dollar scholarships each year, in addition to money to be put back into the fund to help increase the principle. Therefore the scholarship fund will be around forever, ensuring that countless generations of students will know about Andy's sacrifice.

Secondly the scholarship will be helping those with similar interests in computers and engineering. Andy lived, and gave his life helping others, and now through this fund countless others will be helped as well. It is a fitting tribute that a memorial such as this be made for someone like Andy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people at the university of Ottawa, who without there help, there would not be a scholarship in Andy's name: Dr. Aboulnasr, dean of engineering, Julie Morton and Alistair Mullin, communications officers at the university, Judy Meilleur and Celine Gagnon of the Alumni and Development Office. And once again I would like to thank all the generous individuals and organizations who have donated and organized fundraisers - of which there are too many to name.

Thank you.

You can read more about Andy's Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Andy Moffitt
Andy Moffitt

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